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Dear Sirs,


We wish the present world economic slowdown is less damaging to you and your valuable clients. With less liquidity and stricter regulations by commercial banks and other financial institutions, financial facilitation in cash payments and Letters of Credit (L/C) to importers– buyers has been affected tremendously, causing a lot of damage to buyers and manufacturers or exporters in many parts of the World.


BDI (HK) LIMITED, a financial services company with creative and innovative trade finance facilities has been helping a large number of qualified clients for more than 15 years to overcome short term financial liquidity in trade finance, and avoid delays in ordering and receiving their goods on time and keep on level with wealthier completion.


With sincerity, honesty and straight talk to our valuable clients, BDI was able to build our reputation as a credible financial services provider with proven and verifiable successful results in helping a long list of buyers – importers, manufacturers, sellers and exporters of various commodities from several parts of the World. Availing of our creative and innovative financial services, qualified clients were able to successfully overcome short term cash liquidity difficulties or other banking delaying procedures and with only a small service-fee to BDI in a matter of only few days they were able to have their financial instruments issued in favor of their beneficiaries, avoiding delays in ordering the goods and prevent the competition of eating up into their market network of clients– end users.


Our success is not accidental or depended on some kind of good luck but it is the result of creativity and caring in solving of our clients financial problems. We have established the principle of not accepting any transaction or fees before we feel comfortable that we can deliver the required services to our clients.


In short, to maintain our good performance record as well as our good reputation in the market, we never accept any contract or fees before a Letter of Credit (L/C) or other financial instrument has been pre-approved by the applicant, beneficiary and beneficiary bank.


Therefore, in case you and or your clients encounter difficulties with short term cash liquidity, please forward all your requirements per L/C and other financial instruments, for our evaluation.


In brief, BDI is able to do: 
1. Issue of L/C (sight payment) to your suppliers to ease the production plan, and activate a Purchase Order, after signing. 
2. Transfer of L/C, subject to the master L/C is transferable. This service will help the client to keep profit in a third country. 
3. Financing L/C (defer payment) after shipment. 
4. Provide Standby L/C to enhance clients’ credibility with their own partners/ bankers. 
5. Provide “Performance Bond” to clients’ to bid tenders.


BDI (HK) LIMITED is aware that in trading business: time is of essence and speed in communication, decision and action is of extreme importance to prevent competition in getting your market network or meet project deadlines and we have established a system that we can complete evaluation of a L/C application and issuance in maximum 7 working days. If you believe that our L/C service is good to you and your clients, please feel free to communicate with us. We will reply you immediately.


Best regards, 
William Tang

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