Trade Finance


Letter of Credit and Standby Letter of Credit


1.Generic trade:

LC Issuance;
LC Advising;
LC Transfer;
LC Negotiation;
Trust Receipt Loan


2.Transactional trade: 
Issuance of Back-to-Back LC
LC Discounting

We issue a LC to your supplier upon a deposit, and a service fee. Before the shipment arrives at the destination, or your warehouse, you are required to settle in full, plus interest and charges.

Smaller corporates that execute trade transactions using letters of credit (LCs) will be able to easily access finance, especially amid challenging times when global trade is in decline.


Advantages of our services


You don’t need to worry your own credit in bank, to be frozen for one deal, when the production-lead time is long, about 60 days to 80 days,

or even loner.

You can process the order negotiation with supplier, when you don’t have sufficient fund or credit facilities with your banker at this moment.
You can better plan for the order schedule, when you have a bottleneck

in cash flow.

With over 10-years contacts with our bankers, we can arrange LC of amount from US$500,000.00 to USD 2 millions every deal.


Why we can do


This is simply a “buy-time” or a “bridge-facility” arrangement.  In case, you fail to settle the invoice amount of the specified shipment in full at time we request, the shipment will be forfeitedto cover part of the loss incurred and expenses related


You start by


Let us have some info about your transaction, we can tailor make the service for you. Besides, we can arrange standby letter of credit to enhance your credit with your bankers.